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The unique Bitron oil additive technology coats all metal surfaces with a protective layer of molecules resulting in enhanced protection, lower friction and extended engine life. All this means more power, durability and efficiency, less noise plus fuel and maintenance savings for you.

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How does the Bitron oil additive work?
Discover what others have known for over 25 years


Legendary protection for over 25 years

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Piotr B. Verified Buyer

Safety measure

"First time I used this product almost 20 yers ago, and it saved my car engine then (I let my friend use the car, and she never checked the oil level, when I got my car back ther was almost no oil left). This time I don't expect anything so dramatic. I'm just going to use this as a safety measures."


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Increase power, efficiency and engine life. Reduce temperature, noise and emissions.



Best of all, your results are 100% Guaranteed, as they have been for over 25 years.

  • Reduces friction and cleans engine surfaces
  • Extends oil change intervals and oil filter life
  • Lowers fuel and oil consumption
  • Increases engine performance
  • Lowers operating temperature and noise level
  • Eliminates or reduces engine wear
  • Reduces operating and maintenance expenses
  • Protects engine in a wider range of temperatures
  • Temporary protection in case of loss of oil or coolant
  • Reduces emissions and waste

Immediate Benefits

Test Results

The wear in the untreated engine oil is 10 times greater than in the Bitron treated oil. The wear reducing effect in the treated oil is more pronounced with higher test load. The higher the load, and heat, the more protection there is from Bitron.

In third party testing, Bitron treated engine oil drastically outperformed untreated oil in terms of wear reduction. The images below show the white light interferometer and SEM image wear results on metal with Bitron treated oil (right) and untreated oil (left).

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Bitron is warranty approved, including new vehicle warranties

"Is this safe for my engine?"
Warranties and usage

Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment is a unique, lab formulated, 100% pure synthetic oil additive that is compatible with all motor oils - mineral or synthetic. Bitron technology does not contain any solids and greatly improves lubrication. Therefore, Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment will not void any warranty, including new vehicle warranties.

The unique Bitron oil additive technology coats all metal surfaces with a protective layer of molecules resulting in incredible wear protection, lower friction and extended engine life. The specially blended Bitron formulation is intended for use in a any vehicle engine, including recreational, commercial, industrial and military applications. In badly worn cases, Bitron will also help to control blow-by, dry starts and oil burning, in turn maximizing efficiency, reducing harmful emissions and extending oil life as well as oil filter life. Bitron's unique ability to bond to metal engine parts makes it perfect for new engines, as it reduces the friction and heat of new, tightly-fitting components. 

Bitron oil additive is meant to be used as an enhancer of your engine oil
It not an oil replacement.

Maximum lubricity is achieved with a mix ratio of 10% Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment to 90% engine oil. That's simply one 16oz bottle of Bitron for every 5 quarts (5L) of oil. This mixture is much slicker than your engine oil alone, reducing friction and heat to allow optimum mechanical efficiency. The Bitron bond to metal surfaces eliminates dry starts that create the most damage and wear in your engine.

To delay or eliminate a complete overhaul, badly worn engines can greatly benefit from a repeat 10% product ratio application at the second oil change. After this you can use 5% Bitron to 95% engine oil at the third oil change and every on thereafter. 

After the initial treatment, for most  daily drivers, only one bottle of Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment is plenty to provide protection for a full year!

Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment retains its viscosity and shear stability at the highest possible temperatures, allowing engines to operate at higher temperatures and more extreme conditions without the danger of bearing or component failure.

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Bitron performs even better in the most extreme operating conditions

As you can see, the piston rod bearing housing is completely clean of any deposit build-up. The bearing itself is clean of any scoring or scuffing, has its original thickness and its surface looks highly polished. After 350 runs, all the valve parts and the block are completely clean. Usually without Bitron, they have all their surfaces covered with a thick layer of carbon deposit.

The following images are of a drag racing car engine treated with Bitron Synthetic Engine Treatment. The engine was taken apart after 350 runs for inspection. Drag racing engines take a lot of abuse during their quick 1/4 mile runs and are pushed to the limit with extreme torque loads. Due to this, drag racing engines have to be rebuilt frequently with most of engine parts replaced every 70 runs. That represented a huge cost for the racing team - until treatment with Bitron.

The piston on the left was taken out after only 70 runs out of an engine without Bitron. The piston skirt has severe scuffing. The piston on the right was taken out of an engine after 350 runs with the Bitron Engine Treatment. The Bitron treated engine was in operation 5 TIMES LONGER and the piston has no signs of wear, is completely clean, and all the friction surfaces are polished.

A close-up of an upper end of a piston after 350 runs with Bitron. Since in dragsters it is prohibited to use any fuel conditioners, only Bitron Engine Treatment was used. There is a carbon deposit above the upper ring, but none under it and lower. The ring surfaces are polished and clean and the cylinder skirt is completely clean. Because of the polishing effect of the Bitron oil additive, the tighter seal of the piston rings prevented the penetration of combustion gases into the oil system.

Finally, the liner wall of one of the cylinders was also clean after 350 runs. It was found clean and polished with no signs of wear (scoring or scuffing). In all the cylinders you can find traces of cross honing pattern of the original bore, indicating that virtually no wear took place over 350 runs.

You now stand to benefit from Bitron's unique, time tested and proven technology. Bitron can be a tremendous boost to the efficiency and longevity of your car - under any operating conditions - even drag racing!

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Isaac H. Verified Buyer

Amazing results

"My experience with this product was amazing. I recently had an oil change where I included 1 quart of Bitron. The results were simply amazing. My vehicle ran smoother and I got almost 15% better gas mileage. Thanks Bitron!"


Mark P. Verified Buyer

Awesome Product

"I used this Synthetic Engine Treatment in the past and it actually helped me pass inspection by reducing emissions, which also helped avoid costly repairs. I wouldn't go without it!"


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